• To stay current in all fields of education.

• To encourage respect for the rights and views of others; the acceptance of personal responsibility for one’s own actions; and the pursuit of creative, academic, and philosophic self-expression within the bounds of the personal conduct standards set down by the school.

• To inspire in our students an excitement for the acquisition of knowledge, while planting the seeds of life-long learning.

• To train students to think critically about problems and issues, conduct independent research, organise and implement projects both individually, and as a part of a group.

• To provide extra-curricular activities, which complement students learning by providing interesting, and challenging opportunities outside the normal classroom environment.

• To maintain effective communication among students and teachers in order to promote tolerance and the ideal of a “Peaceful School” where everyone feels safe, welcome, and free to explore their own interests and capabilities.

• To encourage parental involvement in their children’s education.

• To emphasize continual learning and assessment rather than end of the year examination.

• To train students in analysis, critical thinking, independent research, and project organisation and implementation.