Nefertari is celebrating its 25th year with all the students and parents.


Graduating generations since 1996

Welcome to
Nefertari International Schools

Mission and Vision

Nefertari International School American and British Divisions Cairo, Egypt provides its students with quality education, qualified teachers and challenging programs of International Education while maintaining their cultural identity as Egyptians. NIS strives to..

Child Protection Policy

NIS is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for its entire Staff and particularly to children. NIS Policy & Procedures aims to reduce the risk of abuse occurring, and to ensure that a caring and appropriate response is taken should abuse occur..

Global Citizenship

NIS Definition of Global Citizenship focuses on educating its students to develop empathy, respect and understanding of others’ perspectives, views, cultures and global interdependence. “We are not alone in this world”. Education for global citizenship includes..

Quality Of Education

NIS is committed to providing challenging teaching and learning opportunities to motivate its students to develop, grow and learn to be responsible, well informed and engaged member of local and international communities. NIS recognizes the role..


To stay current in all fields of education. To encourage respect for the rights and views of others; the acceptance of personal responsibility for one’s own actions; and the pursuit of creative, academic, and philosophic self-expression within the bound..

Graduate Profile



  • Is well educated.
  • Is self-confident.
  • Uses technology, information, and resources to achieve goals.
  • Displays group work ethics and values.
  • Has strong communication skills.



  • Acts with integrity.
  • Shows independence, empathy, compassion and respect for others.
  • Identifies his/her needs, abilities and strives to grow.


  • Is committd to contributing to his/her community.
  • Is able to create and maintatin positive relationships.
  • Accepts diversity and works effectively acrss differences.
  • Understands the importance of collaboration.
  • Is aware of global issues and willing to make a difference.

Our history & Divisions

Nefertari Schools started to operate in August 1996.
The establishment of Nefertari came with a dream of offering a more distinguished and providing quality education at the time.

More than two decades ago, Nefertari started with a pioneering vision and showed to offer all that is best in the field of education. Ever since, Excellence has become one of our prime goals.

Nefertari Schools’ solid reputation in addition to the friendly and welcoming environment made the population of the different divisions increase steadily. Now there are 5100 students enrolled.


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WHEEL LOGICAS 1:5 Teacher : Students 1200 Inrolled students Years of graduating pioneers Two schools in two major cities